Star Trek Attack Wing: Romulan Drone Ship Card Pack (Wave 1)


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Eine Kartenerweiterung zu Star Trek Attack Wing der Card Pack Wave 1.
Dieses Set bringt neue Karten für das Dronenschiff der STAW Fraktion der Romulaner.

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The Romulan Drone Ship was advanced experimental attack starship developed by the Romans in the 22nd century. The vessel was designed to be remotely controlled from Romulus by an Aenar pilot as chief among its many modifications. The Drone Ship was also capable of mimicking both the appearance and weapon signatures of other vessels as well as being tremendously agile. The Romuluans used these capabilities as a method to sow dissent among the Federation, Tellarite, and Andorians.


  • 10 Cards
  • 5 Tokens

Note: Some elements contained in this pack require the Romulan Drone Ship Miniature from the 71536 – Prototype 01 Expansion Pack.


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