Star Trek Attack Wing: Raptor Class Card Pack (Wave 1)


Neu & OVP

Eine Kartenerweiterung zu Star Trek Attack Wing der Card Pack Wave 1.
Dieses Set bringt neue Karten für den klingonische Raptor Klasse für die gleichnamige STAW Fraktion.

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Technische Daten


Mehr Infos

The Raptor class was a Klingon scout ship first encountered by the Vulcans in the early 22nd century. As such, this ship type was in the Vulcan database but not easily accessible due to its classified nature. The Earth first encountered the Raptor Class in the 22nd Century, when the Enterprise NX-O1 found one disabled within the atmosphere of gaseous planet where it was being crushed by the planet’s brutal atmospheric pressure.


  • 12 Cards
  • 5 Tokens

Note: Some elements contained in this pack require the Raptor Class Miniature from the 71448 – I.K.S. Somraw Expansion Pack.

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