Star Trek Attack Wing: 4th Division Battleship REPAINT (STAW Wave 31)


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Einzelschifferweiterung für Star Trek: Attack Wing der Wave #31
Beim "4th Division Battleship" handelt es sich um ein Schiff des Dominions der gleichnamigen STAW Fraktion.

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Technische Daten


Mehr Infos

  • The Jem’Hadar Battleships are among the largest of the Jem’Hadar warships. They are significantly larger than a Galaxy-class ship and much more powerful. The Federation’s first contact with these ships occurred when they sent the U.S.S. Valient on a mission to retrieve the technical data on the Jem’Hadar Battleship and report back. Using the data they found from their sensor probes, the Valiant, under the command of Captain Watters, attempted to exploit a weakness in the Battleship. The Battleship swiftly dispatched them.

  • A number of these ships were present during the end of the Dominion War at the Battle of Cardassia and later in the fleet that defended Cardassia Prime when the Dominion surrendered.


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